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Broker Price Opinions (BPOs):  Value accuracy can mean the difference between success or failure and we take pride in our approach to nail laser accurate values for our clients.  Our corporate sellers make business decisions and determine the strength of their investment based on our opinion, so mastery in this arm of the business is invaluable.              

Evictions & Cash-for-Keys:  We recognize the importance of safeguarding our clients’ valuable assets, which is why we strive to perform our best during the eviction stage of any file. The Cruse Real Estate Team embraces the endless benefits of facilitating Cash-for-Keys, from speeding up the liquidation process, to statistically taking possession of a property in far superior condition as compared to subjects of eviction.  In the event of an inevitable eviction, we continuously monitor the asset as well as take an active role in moving the legal action along as quickly as possible.

Property Management, Preservation, & Renovation:  The Cruse Real Estate Team not only keeps a very close eye on our clients’ properties, but we coordinate all phases of property management, from re-keys and winterizations to whole home renovations.  It is important to be affiliated with competitive yet reliable contractors as they are an important part of moving the file along as efficiently as possible.

Real Estate Sales:  With 10 strategic locations, 450+ of the very best real estate agents, bar none marketing and cutting edge technology, we’ve become the #1 Century 21 franchise in NYS with over $500M in annual real estate sales and countless awards for decades of quality service.  Our family brand has deep roots with local brokers in every market that creates a synergy of professionals to guarantee that thousands of hungry agents are all pulling for our clients’ success! 

Deeds In Lieu Of Foreclosure (Cash-for-Deed):  We consider the processing of Deeds in Lieu of Foreclosure an art that requires close attention.  We are sharply trained and up to date with the most current foreclosure action logistics, which enable us to effectively capture borrower attention and ultimately gain their cooperation.

Note Sales:  As trusted business partners for dozens of clients throughout the country, we are empowered with the responsibility of mitigating loses for volatile loans throughout our service area.  The sale of non-performing notes (scratch and dent) both in bulk and a la carte have become another part of our services over the past few years because clients have developed confidence in our ability to get them top dollar and make sure that only qualified purchasers are put in front of them.

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